Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Sister Lockers

In church today, I discovered that two of my church sisters have joined the Sister Lock family. Siobhan has two week old locks and her mom's locks are about the same age. I invited them to check out the other Sister Lock blogs, so please welcome Siobhan and Sharon to the Wonderful World of Sister Locks!

My style was achieved by using Caruso Steam Rollers. I left them in for about two hours this morning. I'm noticing that as my hair gets longer, the curl falls out quicker!


Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Hey There,
Was wondering when you would re-surface! Glad to see you. Saw you on Creyole's blog as well.I had a similar experience this past Sabbath. Someone spotted me in the choir, she was visiting my church and had been following my blog and later emailed me. Come to find out, she also was a graduate of Pine Forge like me! What a great experience. This blogging thing is like 6 degrees of separation. One day we will all connect somehow.
Your locs look great and I am always looking and comparing. So far there are 5 sl'd women at my church. Lots have traditional as well. I love this venue. Please stop by my blog when you get a chance.
Take care and keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

I am considering starting my journey with sister locks, but I don't know where or how to start..How did you start? Did you let your hair grow out a little bit before starting the locking process..
Thanks in advance for your help...

Linda said...

Congratulations on being a change agent. Tell these ladies they look wonderful and we will be supporting them all the way. Often we inspire people along the journey without even knowing it!!