Sunday, June 29, 2008

American School Counselors Conference

I attended a wonderful, motivational conference in Atlanta in June. I was having a great time going to the breakout sessions and shopping for School Counselor knick-knacks!

I was staying in a wonderful hotel in downtown Atlanta. While riding in the elevator on my way to one of the sessions, I met a fellow Sisterlock sister, we greeted each other and and admired each others locks. She then asked me if I was Chocolocs!!! I was so excited to know that I had actually met someone who had seen my blog!! She introduced herself as Candace, and I realized that I had seen her blog too!

At the time, I was a math teacher transitioning into high school counseling. I absolutely LOVE my new career. There really isn't anything else I would rather do! To all of the Sisterlocked counselors (school, community or whatever!) leave me a message. I'd love to hear how you feel about counseling!

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