Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's My Birthday!!

I read BlaqKofi's blog constantly and I like the results she gets from the Caruso Hot Rollers so I bought myself some for my birthday and decided to experiment with them today. My girlfriends are taking me out later so I hope the results are not disastrous!

These results really are not bad at all. It isn't something I'll do very often, but I think it will do for dinner with friends at the Olive Garden!

I am 40-something today and my locks are 11 months old!
I forgot my camera, so I don't have any restaurant pics :-(

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Day

I washed my hair this morning and I didn't really like the way it looked so I decided to try some "nubian knots" (that's "Chinese Bumps" for my British/WestIndian family & friends). I used to do them when my hair was natural and they gave me a nice curl, so we'll see what happens with SisterLocks.

Hmmm . . . Well, I wasn't too keen on how it turned out and I wasn't going to post the picture, but I changed my mind and posted it anyway! I added the head band to help make my hair look more like a style and less like a bad hair day! What do you think?