Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Paulette installed my Sister Locks on 14 February 2006 and she has been doing my retightening since then. Whenever I can't make an appointment, she will reschedule me with one of her assistants. Because of this, I have met some very talented locticians and I applaud Paulette for exposing her clients to other locticians. I have had my hair retightened by E! and Paulette's daughter, Ashley. During this session at Locks4Life, Ashley is retightening my 20 month old locks.

Has anyone else found that their locks look crazy after a retightening? I set my hair on Caruso Curlers this morning and my hair was looking great all day, even up to the beginning of my retightening. However, check out my hair at the end of the session. My locks are all over the place! Does this only happen to me?!