Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Styling!

I usually wear my locks in a curly style. I will either set my hair on flex rods, Caruso Curlers or plait my hair and curl the ends. I have not worn my hair free style in over a year because of what I call "Stick Hair"! This can best be described as my locks looking like a mop of inflexible sticks! My loctician, E! has been trying to convince me to go free style and I tried it yesterday for the first time in ages. I was getting my hair retightened and considered this as good a time as any to try free styling. Thanks, E! for the motivation and encouragement to go out on a limb!!!

The first three pictures show my typical look, the rest shows my Free Styling!!!!

So . . . What do you all think?!


Anonymous said...

You are ROCKING the freestyle,Choc! Very sexy!


Sogolocs said...

You look great, it makes you look younger too. Keep free-stylin...and make sure you carry your drivers license because you may get carded.

~malaikablu~ said...

Beautiful! I love the color too ;-)

Hannah Ranay's said...

Hi Chocolocs!

I love the freestyling on you for casual ocassions. It makes you look soooooo young. I agree with the "getting carded" comment!

DJT said...

your hair is Awesome set or freestyled. You Go Gurl!

euphoria said...

your free style is beautiful, as well as your locks you should free style more often