Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adventist SisterLocks Sisterhood!

I went to Texas this weekend to attend the wedding of a close family friend. The Sabbath before the wedding, I went to City Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Dallas. I have never been to Texas before and didn't expect to see anyone I knew in the church. To my delight, I saw Praline ushering during the service. I looked around for her mother, Creole and located her a few rows in front of me. I could barely keep my mind on the sermon, which incidentally was excellent! Immediately after the service, I rushed out of church to introduce myself to Creole. An introduction wasn't even necessary, because she recognized me from my blog. It was like becoming re acquainted with an old friend! What a wonderfully charming woman! She was everything I imagined her to be, and more! She was personable, friendly, witty and gorgeous! I've always admired her beautiful thick black locks from her blog. . . but they look even better in person!

Creole introduced me to Hannah Ranay who had been following my blog and was surprised to see how much my locks had grown since I last posted! Well, that was all the motivation I needed! Knowing that my SisterLocks sisters had been going to my Site over the past ten months, only to find it unchanged, bothered me. I promised her (and myself!) that I would post the pictures I had been collecting over that time and update everyone on my Journey!

I washed and set my hair three days earlier on Flex Rods.


Hannah Ranay's said...

Hey Chocolocs-

U did it! The updates are wonderful. It was a pleasure to meet u and yes, your blog is one of my favs for a number of reasons so thanks for the updates and I'll keep checkin in.

3girlsmomma said...

Hey's out scream and shout!!

I loved reading about you meeting Praline-- the SL world is getting small, huh?!? You and your hair are looking GREAT!

Guess what?! I'll be taking the SL Retightening class with Paulette on June 24, 2008! I'll have to let you know how that goes... I want to know how to maintain my own hair, yet I will totally miss the fellowship of the sistahs at Locks4Life and the relaxation of somebody else doing my hair.

Enjoy your summer and check out some of my latest pics at